Chinese shopping "holidays" stretching out into North America

Updated: Jan 3

As we head out of the buzz and activity of the summer here in North America, we have just a few moments to gather and regroup, get kids into a back-to school routine, as we prep for the start of one of the busiest consumer sessions of the fiscal year for online and brick-and-mortar locations.

While some of us cringe as the start of Christmas decorations and music (too soon!) start to display and play familiar notes, a growing trend of shopper’s to check off their proverbial list from e-commerce options grows. Yes, there’re the holidays we are all too familiar with, but what about the additional holidays we are now starting to hear more and more about from our Eastern counterparts?

While the traditional North American holidays approach – Canadian Thanksgiving, Halloween, Veteran’s Day, US Thanksgiving, and Christmas are always front and centre, the growing interest stems in the holidays additions of the less familiar Chinese holidays that are starting to penetrate NA consumer buying behaviour more and more. Last year alone, Chinese celebrated the 11.11 single’s day “holiday” shopping on Alibaba’s sites spending a reported record, 30.8 billion in sales during the 24-hour shopping marathon and it should be noted that Alibaba hit the $1 billion mark in just over 1 minute of the site going live.

In comparison, Amazon’s July 15-16, 2019 Prime Day event generated 7.16 Billion USD in sales, still leaving the Chinese 11.11 event showing 2.5 times bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday numbers combined.

Get ready for Single’s day, Qixi, Double 12, Golden Week of course Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations in a store or screen near you. You may not have heard about these more Chinese marketed holidays in the past, but you will begin to hear about them steadily more in the very near future. This is inevitable.






中国的 ‘单身节’,七夕,‘双12’,黄金周和中国春节等一波又一波的消费热潮即将席卷北美。如果您还没有听过这些消费热季,不久的将来,您将会有更多的机会融入这股新的消费趋势,快做好准备迎接它们吧!


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