SnapPay Merchants Can Now Accept Facial Recognition Payments

a young man touching a large screen with his face on it

Global payments solution SnapPay announced the rollout of facial recognition payment technology for North American merchants.

SnapPay said the technology gives users greater convenience and security when shopping at mainstream retailers. Although it is based on the same tech that is available now in Asia, SnapPay is initially launching in North America to select retailers.

The technology is being demonstrated by SnapPay at the Retail Council of Canada’s Retail West Show on Wednesday (Oct. 16). Next week the company will introduce the solution at Grocery Innovations Canada (GIC) show in Toronto on Oct. 22-23. 

“Facial recognition technology is an increasingly popular method of payment among global consumers,” said Spencer Xu, CEO and founder of SnapPay. “By enabling consumers to pay with their ‘face’ North American merchants, particularly those with self-service kiosks, are providing an unprecedented level of convenience and speed in the checkout process, to a lucrative customer segment that increasingly demands it.”

Analysis firm Juniper Research predicts growth in excess of over 2,500 percent in the mobile biometrics space and that it will authorize $2 trillion transactions in 2023.