Evolution of Payments

The payments landscape is constantly evolving. Payments technology is moving to mobile devices globally and consumers are changing the way we pay. As Payments respond to changing consumer demand, we look to disruptors to carve out the path to the future. Chinese consumers are leading the way; moving towards a cashless society; driving demand for mobile acceptance.

About SnapPay

Founded outside of Toronto, Canada in 2017, SnapPay is an innovative technology company focusing on providing best in market payment gateway services for both enterprise clients and small to medium-sized businesses.

We provide payment gateway services that allow North American merchants to accept digital payments from Chinese Pay users.

SnapPay direct to consumer marketing connects Canadian and American merchants with the large buying power of consumers.

We enable North American merchants to accept digital payments from Chinese pay users and allow them to tap into Chinese consumer markets across various industries.

Proudly Canadian, we have significant in-house engineering capability, have built our own backend and own the code. Our direct to consumer marketing connects Canadian and American merchants with the large buying power of consumers.  

Our team is deeply experienced in building strong technology and service based partnerships with major North American merchants.