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Want to grow advantage over competitors? SnapPay does not only help the retailer to win more sales, but also make payment easier for both merchants and customers.

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a small table signage that has alipay wechat pay and qr-code on it
Static QR Payment

A unique merchant QR code placed on counter tops is the simplest way to accept Alipay and WeChat Pay.

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blue snappay stand-alone device
Stand-Alone Device

Simple to set up, SnapPay’s standalone smart POS Device provides immediate and secure Alipay and WeChat Pay acceptance. Merchant enters sale amounts and then customer scans the dynamic QR code to pay.

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a mobile phone with qr-code scanned by a barcode scanner
API Integration

SnapPay also supports full integration into many North American integrated solutions. Allows you to leverage your existing hardware and software.

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Retail Insights

QR Code Payments: Go Cashless With Hassle-Free Transactions

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accepting mobile payment form chinese consumers

Accepting Mobile Payments From Chinese Consumers

Get this: Chinese tourists made 137,000 trips to Canada in the first quarter of 2019 and on average, each tourist...
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a young man touching a large screen with his face on it

SnapPay Merchants Can Now Accept Facial Recognition Payments

Global payments solution SnapPay announced the rollout of facial recognition payment technology for North American merchants. SnapPay said the technology gives users greater...
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