By partnering with SnapPay,

Appleby College made overseas tuition payments a snap.

Appleby College, founded in 1911, is a private school (grades 7-12) located in Oakville, Ontario with over 700 students from 25 countries across the world. 


Appleby partnered with SnapPay in March 2018 to help students pay their tuition fees using Alipay, and the benefits were immediate. Parents from China no longer need to convert from Chinese RMB to Canadian Dollars or wire transfer with lengthy forms and long waiting times when paying tuition fees from overseas. Now they can just Scan the School’s QR code with the Alipay app, fill out the relevant student information, enter the amount, and log in to their Alipay account to confirm the payment.

Appleby easily tracks transactions online through the back-end portal, and fees are settled in two days—much faster than through traditional methods. SnapPay also sends Appleby a statement each time a transaction is completed, making reconciling their records easier than ever. 


Not only does Alipay make the payment experience better for students and parents, it also offers a better foreign currency exchange rate as compared to most traditional banks.


SnapPay now partners with over 80 schools and education agencies across Canada, offering the most convenient tuition payment experience. 

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