Create your Merchant Account

For merchants who have E-commerce businesses, you can create a merchant account with SnapPay to start accepting Alipay and WeChat Pay. 

Once your business information is verified, we will send you the Merchant ID and the API Sign Key to the email address you provide.

Business Information

Please provide us your business basic information 请提供我们关于您公司的基本讯息

Legal business name 依法注册名称

 Business Phone Number 公司电话

Operating Name 运营名称

 Business Email 公司邮箱

 Business Address 公司地址

Business Category 公司商业类别


Business Type 公司运营模式

Retail In-store 实体商户零售

Online E-Commerce 电子商务

Merchant Business Bank Account Information

Please provide us your business banking information allows us to deposit payments from your customers to your account


Transit Number  分行号码

Designation and Account Number  银行账号

Institution Number 银行代码